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How do I sign up for the Bigboys Rewards Club?

Joining the Bigboys Rewards Club couldn't be easier. All you need to do is open an account and make your first purchase. You'll start earning straight away.

I'm already a customer of Bigboys. Will I be able to earn points too or is it just for new customers?

It's because of customers like you that we've devised the Bigboys Rewards Club as a thank you. You don't need to do anything as we've already made sure you'll earn points from your next and future purchases.

Is there a minimum spend in order to earn points?

No. Whatever amount you spend, you'll earn points.

How will I know how many points I've earned when I make a purchase?

When you check out, you'll be able to see how many points you've earned in the order summary.

How long will it take for the points to hit my account?

Your points will be allocated to your account 14 days after purchase. If you haven't received your points by then, please contact our customer service team who will be more than happy to help you.

Where can I see how many points I've earned?

Just sign into your customer account and click on the section entitled My Points. You'll be able to check your balance there.

How do I redeem my Reward Points?

Just log into your account and select My Points where you'll be directed to convert your points into your E-Wallet. 

How long do I have to spend my Rewards?

You have 60 days to convert your points into your E-Wallet and 90 days spend your rewards.

What happens if I return an item for a refund and I've used my rewards to pay for it?

Our standard returns policy continues to apply for E-Wallet purchases. If you've used your rewards for partial payment, the amount used will be credited back to your E-Wallet. We'll refund the remaining amount to the method of payment you paid with. If you've used your rewards for full payment, the total amount will be refunded back to your E-Wallet.

Will I be able to keep the points I've earned if I send my purchase back for a refund?

Unfortunately not. Points are awarded only for retained purchases and will be removed from your account if they have been applied.