Autumn/Winter Essentials

Winter is nearly upon on… I know right! Why does it feel like Summer was only a minute ago?

A couple of weeks back – we helped you get autumn ready by layering up all your fab new plus size clothes from, but now its stepping closer to winter, so we need to start thinking about the trusty essentials that will get us through the upcoming winter season!

‘My coat will be just fine’ – Wait, maybe not! Who else always seems to make this bad choice when leaving the house on a cold morning? I know I do!

Whilst some of us enjoy spending time outside in the cold (craaaazy bunch), many of us would much prefer hibernating inside until spring. Either way, here is a list of Autumn/Winter Essentials to keep you looking and feeling great this winter:

1). Hats/Scarves & Gloves

Heading outside into the cold temperatures without a hat and a pair of gloves are risky! We don’t want your fingers falling off and we definitely don’t want your head freezing up! Lucky for you, have just dropped a whole new range of accessories including hats and gloves – what you waiting for? Take a peek:

(oh, I 100% recommend the Superdry beanie, it’s a best friend that wont leave your side, or the head for this case…)

Don’t forget your going to need a scarf too! Not only will it keep you warm, it can be used to cover your otherwise exposed face and lips from the coldness of the weather.

2). Hot Chocolate

Now we’re talking! A nice warm mug of Hot Chocolate just seems to make the day better; original, mint, orange or other flavours just brightens up the day, especially if your browsing for plus size clothes for men in sizes 2XL to 7XL – then you’ll need a mug of hot chocolate by your side!

3). Winter Coat

An absolute winter essential, I think now’s the best time to invest in a good coat, especially to stop the chill from getting to you. Lucky for you because have just dropped new plus size jackets/coats in sizes 2XL to 7XL! (psst…the Jack & Jones navy parka is a must…!)

At BigBoys we sell big size clothes for men, ranging from top brands such as Ben Sherman and Lacoste! I hear you say you haven’t got any Autumn/Winter Essentials? Then shop and order FREE UK Standard Delivery!

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