is Finally Here

The boys have arrived in town! Big Boys has now launched and we’re proud to bring you a brand spanking new shopping site offering larger sizes for the larger man – all at affordable prices. From 2XL to 10XL, our clothing range is created to be both stylish and a great fit.

It’s no secret that the once female-dominated fashion industry is now undergoing a gender rebalance; tables are turning as men’s fashion gets a bigger stake in the media spotlight. The menswear market is growing at a faster pace than the womenswear market and Men’s Fashion Week in London, Paris, Milan and New York is becoming one of the most influential sartorial soirees of the industry.

And then there’s the bloggers. These online entrepreneurs have changed the way that men think about shopping and style. Major players such as Bryan Boy, Jai’me Jan from Boy Meets Fashion, model Toni Tran, Warren Beckett (Monsieur Robot), Karlmond Tang from Mr. Boy, and even Made In Chelsea’s Oliver Proudlock have collectively made it “okay” on the masculinity chart to take an unhealthy interest in our clothes. There’s no need to hang your head in metrosexual shame anymore and we’re pretty stoked about how much the industry is changing…

But there’s no reason why larger men should miss out on this piece of the pie; that’s what brings us here. At, we believe that fashion and larger men’s clothing shouldn’t be polar opposites. Larger size clothing for men hasn’t been readily available in the past but we’re here to change that. Our aim is simple; to bring affordable brands and great fitting styles in sizes 2XL to 5XL.

For the bigger man with an even bigger appetite for fashion, the search for that go-to shopping destination is now over. So make sure you follow us on social media and enjoy browsing online with us today.

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