Dressing For Your Body Shape: The Big Man’s Guide to Clothing

There are three main body types in men’s fashion; the Ectomorph, the Mesomorph, and the Endomorph. If you know anything about women’s body shapes, you’ll know that the whole situation is often complicated with a whole load of fruits like apples, pears, bananas etc, etc. But for us fellas, it’s nice and simple. And here at Bigboys.co.uk, our main focus is the Endomorph. But that’s not to say that the other two shapes don’t apply to you as we can never fully define an entire male population into just three categories.

Here are the three main body shapes and tips on how to dress for them.

The Ectomorph

The Ectomorph is typically tall, skinny and will struggle to gain weight or body fat. This isn’t a body shape we typically deal with here – although we do cater for taller men too.

Style tips: Bulk up with the illusion of large prints, bold patterns and horizontal stripes. If you’re tall, break up your body with some block colour and features around the waist.

The Mesomorph

Muscly, well-defined and very athletic…..cue Daniel Craig, David Beckham and Hulk Hogan. Don’t worry, most of us aren’t like this either because maintaining the body of a god is, quite frankly, too much like hard work. If you’re big, tall and muscly, it’s likely that like a typical Mesomorph your body shape is an inverted triangle.

Style tips: Even out your wider upper torso and smaller bottom half by skipping the skinny jeans (they’re for the Ectomorphs) and drawing attention downwards/centrally with a V neck t-shirt.

The Endomorph

The Endomorph is large, round and sometimes short – AKA, a supersoft, big, cuddly teddy bear. We find it hard to lose weight and dressing for our larger frames can sometimes be challenging. But it’s definitely not impossible and that’s what motivates us here at Bigboys.co.uk.

Style tips: Stick to vertical stripes to elongate your shape, avoid horizontal features such as big belts or block colours, and always find good fitting clothes from a trusted retailer (like us!).


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