How to Wear Light Colours – And Get Away with It

Who’s to say that big men can’t wear light colours? Oh, yeah – the stylists and body shape experts with a million years of experience under their belts – that’s who. Well we Big Boys don’t always stick to the rules. Why should the larger man starve himself of Mother Nature’s rainbow? Spring is here and it’s not just the ladies who should embrace the softer shades of fashion.

If you’re bored of the same old advice (eg: “Stick to dark colours because you’re large”) then it’s time for a plus size uprising. Here are 3 top tips on how to wear light colours for a larger body shape.

The Layer Illusion

Our favourite kind of illusion; one that trims you from the outside in. If you just can’t get enough of that pastel blue tee or your salmon pink shirt (hey, we’re not here to judge), try layering with a darker coloured jacket or cardigan. It will do wonders to your shape by creating vertical lines which elongate your entire body.

Licence to Accessorise

To all those stylists who are constantly telling you to stick to black and navy, we hereby give you the licence to style lighter colours. Who’s to stop us from accessorising? If you’re constantly donning an all-black ensemble, you can now look marginally less like a funeral director in three easy steps: 1) wear a bright watch, 2) pick some jazzy shoes, 3) don’t forget your hat.

Shop for Prints

Graphic tees or printed tees are the quickest way of adding a bit of colour to your outfit. If you want to choose flattering pieces, be sure to choose a t-shirt with a darker colour as the backdrop and the lighter colour as the graphic / pattern. If you go for a printed tee, just remember that smaller prints (vs. larger prints) are always more complimentary to a larger body shape.

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