Layering Up Has Never Been Easier!

Ok, So as soon as Autumn arrived, I think its safe to say we were 100% shocked by how warm it has still been…oh wait not the mornings though!

Walking outside in just a tee and sweater wont do the trick for much longer as the Winter season is creeping up on us quicker than we know. So maybe this is the best time to start thinking about how layering up our clothes could work together helping us fight the breeze, what do you say?

Plus size clothing for men in the U.K. has never been easier now that BigBoys have arrived with their tips on how to help you Layer up:

  • firstly, how often do you layer clothes? not much? never? all the time? Don’t be afraid to try something new, layering isn’t hard – its just knowing how to combine clothing pieces together to make you look good, feel good and keeping warm through the Winter.


Before I mention anything more, remember the number 3!

The truth is you don’t need too many layers in a single outfit. Two is a bit too simple…but 4-7 is pushing it.

Lets think about this one: would you want to wear 5 layers of clothing and making your shoulders look all buffed up and silly? Nope.

So the best numbers to go with is 3, ay… did you see what I did there (wink face)…anyway back to it. It’s not that difficult to pull off. You can bring in a casual shirt, followed by a t-shirt in the middle and then a jacket. The best thing about these combinations is they don’t seem “forced” or overdone at all.


Layer your clothing from thin to thick. It makes sense to wear something thin and light for the inner layer, but does it have to be an undershirt? Not at all!

The middle layer should be slightly looser – in the form of a sweater, vest or another shirt. Its job is to help keep you warm during cool weather…but not warm enough that you won’t be needing a third layer outdoors. That’s where a thick coat completes the outfit.


If you’re a layering expert you can get away with keeping under layers untucked. But for most men, that’s not the case.

It’s important that you avoid the “extremes” when you’re still new to layering. Some plus size men like to incorporate longer shirts and leave them untucked, which isn’t a problem at all! But if you really want to stay warm…it’s probably best to tuck them in. – (You can thank me later!)

You feeling more optimistic with your choices of layering, I bet you are!?

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