Men’s Spring Colours

Before we know it us big fella’s are jetting of on holiday, or even to the beer garden after a hard’s day graft at work. But lets face it, we all want to look the best, right? Which means going into a store or shopping online to find the right plus sized clothing for whatever the occasion.

So there are two main types of plus size men shoppers:

  • the man who is interested in fashion, trends and will always choose colours based on the season/style/taste
  • or there is the man who couldn’t give a monkeys about the latest catwalk trends and will just pick the colours he likes.

Ultimately, they both shop for colour…now your thinking in your head how you do the same 😉

Whether your into your seasonal trends or not, here are some of the leading plus size menswear spring colours for this year. (Or you could skip straight to to view them for yourself)

Lets get straight to it:

Indigo Blue

If your a denim lover, which we reckon most fellas are, this colour will work with your wardrobe. Deep indigo has been a key catwalk shade and the dark hues make it ideal for the larger man. Layer a denim with lighter colours to create an inwards slimming optical illusion.

Flamingo Pink

Feeling daring? Do a Marc Jacobs and mix loud pinks with interesting prints. Tropicana retro Hawaiian have been forecasted for the summer season. Plus size mens clothing always mixes in some different styles of prints, remember try to keep the prints to a minimum, larger printed t-shirts can be quite flattering for the larger sized chap.

Bright Yellows and Oranges

Bright tropical colours have been used across various trends throughout last year, and guess what…their happening again this year! But we know that bright STAND OUT shades like these aren’t always easy to pull off. If you’re more of a greys and blues man but want to branch out, we would recommend styling one bright colour at a time…you can thank us later!

Bold Red

A surprising one to say the least, but different shades of red has been slowly creeping into plus size men’s clothing. Some people have questioned about the colour red for the summer season, some have replied back saying “it’s going to a staple for summer” – so maybe give a shade of red a go, even team them up with a pair of denim shorts and you’ll look the part!

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