The best portable Bluetooth speaker £100

Jam Heavy Metal

Price: £100

This speaker sounds like the sort of thing you might see on sale next to an emoji pillow. Most people haven’t heard of Jam Audio and the ‘Heavy Metal’ bit is the naming equivalent of a dad joke, given the speaker is made of aluminium.

Hold back the scorn, though, because this is one of the best portable speakers you can get for £100. It can duel with big names twice the price, and even beat some of them.

The sound quality per pound is superb. Like the best mini rectangle speakers, a dual bass radiator setup gets you serious bass power and enough volume to fill your lounge. Treble is crisp, but without the harshness of a speaker desperately trying to convince your ear it’s super-detailed.

The top £150 speakers have better mid-range detail and texture, which makes vocals sound even more realistic and natural. But the Jam can skip between genres like a pro and is alarmingly refined for the price. If you’re on a strict budget, the Jam Heavy Metal is more-or-less unbeatable right now.

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