The Most Stylish Larger Celebrities

Sometimes it’s hard to get style inspiration when everyone around you is smaller, taller or trimmer than you are. If you’re a well-rounded male with an Endomorph body shape, who can you look to for fashion tips? Here are some of the most stylish big male celebrities who deserve some Big Boy kudos for looking so slick.


Better known to us as Smithy from Gavin & Stacey, James Corden is a shining example of a well-dressed larger man. Although not that big in size, Corden has always been round in shape. But he still manages to rock a suit with the same verve as James Bond. His top tricks? Choosing dark, flattering colours such as navy or grey.


His rock ‘n’ roll sense of style acts as the perfect camouflage to his colourful world of movies and music. Singer, producer and actor Jack Black has been known for his signature scruffy hair and designer stubble. His wardrobe is all about casual, punk rock style and even when he posed on the cover of GQ in a suit, his top button was undone and his tie was loose and carefree. It pays to be casual when you’re a plus size man so we embrace his fashion sense.


Actor Anthony Anderson has something of a ‘je ne sais quoi’ when it comes to style. By no means slim, Anthony weights over 250 lbs but he always manages to look rather slick. His trick is elongating his torso and legs to make him appear a lot taller than he is. He avoids horizontal colour blocking and can always been found donning a stylish suit and trouser set.


Walter Van Beirendonck is a famous fashion designer. Not only is he over 300 lbs in size but he’s also bald. Despite the two shorts straws in physical appearance, he still manages to look a whole lot better than we do! Sporting a man-point laden beard, he has the hipster look down and always looks ahead of the trends. Although his style isn’t for everyone, he’s very much an inspiration in high fashion circles.

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