The Slim Effect: Plus Size Wardrobe Tips for Men

There are two ways to be slim in our books: 1) go to the gym and stop eating pizza or 2) utilise the power of optics. We like our beer and pizza nights here at Big Boys so we’re voting for the latter. Dressing yourself slim is sadly only an illusion – we repeat only an illusion – but it’s a valid illusion all the same. And it can be easily achieved with just a few clever tricks.

The first hurdle is to fully get to know your body shape; once you determine that, you can dress with a more strategic approach each morning. Here are some tips to help you make better style decisions with your daily wardrobe.

Choose Flattering Trousers

Omitting outerwear and knits, trousers pretty much make up 50% of your entire wardrobe. So believe us when we say, “you need to get this right.” Find the right slimming trousers and you’ll notice a huge difference when you look in the mirror. Unless you have basketball player legs, tight skinny jeans should probably be left well alone. Instead, try straight or tapered trousers which draw right angles with the ground, making you appear slimmer and taller. And if you come up a little short in leg length (which can often make a person appear larger), opt for a high waist.

Elongate Your Body

When it comes to elongating your body, it’s important to remember to keep everything vertical. Sometimes this means sacrificing certain fashion features such as belts, horizontal patterns, or large pockets that could draw the eye sideways. The age-old stripe advice should be taken into consideration too; go for vertical stripes to avoid adding on unnecessary pounds.

Don’t Be Afraid to Layer

We’re not blessed with all year round sun in Britain. In fact, we never know when the weather will turn on us. So layers are an iconic part of the UK fashion world. But larger men shouldn’t be afraid to layer up. Although layers can sometimes bulk up slender body shapes, it can also be used (cleverly) to create a slimming illusion. It’s all down to light/dark colour placement; style a darker outer layer to forge a narrower silhouette. The vertical lines created here will help to extend your body and condense your shape from the outside in.

We hope you’ve found our tips useful. To shop for the latest in men’s plus size fashion, browse our affordable range of XXL – 8XL clothing online now.

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