Your Autumn Transition: Style!

Brrrrr, that cold breeze is starting to kick in – not long till the grounds start to be covered in brown leaves, and the darker mornings are already making it harder and harder to crawl out of bed. This could only mean one thing, AUTUMN IS UPON US!

2018’s summer was one to remember, the heatwave took up most of the season so everyone forgot what it was like to be cold, no one needed an umbrella for weeks. “It’s Coming Home!” was the chant of the summer from the World Cup, sure had made us hope again, and for the young teens, Love Island was the hot topic. What A Summer! – but it cant last forever.

Sorry to break it to you all but soon it will be time to ditch your favourite sliders and the shorts – that were probably for swimming, don’t worry we wont judge! is here to help you have a smooth transition into Autumn, by only changing TWO key wardrobe looks! TWO!? Lets read…


Forget the tan chaps, the heatwaves are officially over so its probably best to put those legs away. Jeans are now more acceptable and not to hot to wear again. We recommend a pair of Wranglers, sticking to lighter shades of blue, but to switch it up maybe a darker pair for the late night drinks on a Friday.


A Ben Sherman or an Espionage short sleeved t-shirt; lets face it, are perfect, but they wont be enough to keep you warm through the autumn transition. The easiest way to handle the unsure pre-autumn weather is layering.

The best thing about layering – there are no limits! Its perfect because you can add or subtract (don’t worry no maths involved) what you’re wearing depending on the weather, so don’t be afraid to merge a few of your outfits into one.

  • Casual t-shirt with a zip through hoodie… EASY can help with one little trick and that’s adding a shirt. Plain t-shirt with a checked shirt undone, zip through hoodie wrapped around the waist – this will catch all the ladies attention boys!


Ay, don’t worry too much about your wardrobe, just stick your head out the window before you get dressed and make the decision into what you need to wear, (don’t forget to get the website at the ready to order a new wardrobe overhaul just in case). And get ready, because in a few months we’ll be all about the thick coats, hats and those warm socks that we LOVE to wear on Christmas morning!

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